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in short
efl is seeking a savvy senior sysops / devops engineer with sharp system administration skills to help scale efl’s technology stack to the next level. as the leader of our entire infrastructure, you will be responsible for building a cloud infrastructure that runs the mission critical systems of efl. from implementing automated server scaling techniques, to optimizing build and deploy processes, managing our growing technology footprint and implementing critical monitoring tools across our two datacenters, your role will be crucial to the continued growth of efl’s technology.

you will work closely with efl developers, statisticians, and data scientists, and will have responsibility for developing a highly redundant cloud infrastructure. working closely with the dev and data science team following the scrum methodology, you’ll help every member of the product team have the tools and the systems necessary for fast product iterations and rapid innovation. you will be an uber-efficient engineer and have years of battle scars to prove it.

we are open to part-time or full-time, employees or contractors. in short, we are flexible if you are the right candidate.

what do we do?
in plain english...
if you've ever applied for a credit card or a car loan or any type of loan, a bank uses a 3 digit credit score that is based on your past behavior of paying back on time and in full. the better you are at this, the better your score, which enables you to get a loan for yourself, your business, whatever.
however, in emerging markets where we work (latin america, india, africa, indonesia), there are many, many successful and deserving small entrepreneurs that want to expand their business but can't because they don't have a history with a bank, so the bank won't lend to them. we've developed a way to produce a credit score off of a person's inherent entrepreneurial characteristics - the higher one scores, the more likely one is to get a loan whereas otherwise they would be the "unbankable". we believe that this is a very effective way to lifting people out of poverty and are on a mission to scale our technology.
why does it matter?

the biggest problem in development is getting access to finance for deserving individuals so they can improve their situation from the inside-out. 50 years of failed economic aid policies have proven that when you empower individuals to grow their business and thus their economy from within, rather than through western aid, it's much more sustainable and ultimately more successful. credit provides freedom of choice to individuals, and outside of western countries, it's very, very hard to get credit. we make it easier.

we have both real and virtual offices in lima peru and boston. relocation to boston or lima is not required, however, our dev team is both in lima and remote. at a minimum, this position will require relocation to lima or an initial period of 2-3 months of up-front time spent in lima followed by remote work with periodic trips back to lima. should you relocate to lima, we will provide assistance with relocation. it’s an interesting time to be in peru - the economy is taking off and efl is situated right in the middle of it. with its headquarters in the heart of the miraflores district, efl is in the middle of a vibrant local community with an exploding food and cultural scene, year-round great surf, and easy access to travel throughout south america. you will have the opportunity to travel to visit clients in peru and other regions in latin america to understand first-hand how efl’s tools are used in the field to increase access to finance.

• bs in computer science, software engineering, information systems or equivalent work experience
• 4-6+ years as a dev ops engineer or system administrator with system architecture and implementation experience
• 1-4+ years working closely with developers during the development and release cycle
• 5-6+ years deep experience with linux, including advanced shell scripting and apache administration
• 1-4 years experience with web development languages (python, php, or ruby) and object oriented compiled language experience (java, .net)
• 4-7 years experience with mysql, postgres, oracle, or mssql
• experience with monitoring tools such as zabbix or nagios
• experience with message queue systems such as rabbitmq
• experience with cloud based virtualization platforms (aws preferred, vmware, rackspace, etc)
• experience with load testing
• deep security expertise related to all things system administration and infrastructure best practices
• chef or puppet experience

highly desired:
• advanced proficiency with git
• advanced proficiency in either c++, java, or c#
• experience with rest or soap web services
• experience with continuous integration services (jenkins, etc.)
• experience with celery or other async processing frameworks
• cdn technologies
• experience with r
• any level of experience with spanish…

• competitive salary, health insurance
• opportunities for international

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